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IMG_1932Joseph first discovered his love of glass at the young age of eighteen. Having been an artist his entire life he was no stranger to the creative process. However, it wasn’t until he was exposed to glass that he truly felt like he could express himself through art. After his first glassblowing experience at the University of Wisconsin River Falls field station, he knew this was the medium he had been looking for.

Joseph continued his glass education at Penland school of crafts. He had the oppurtunity to study under established glass artist and get a first hand look into the professional world of glass art. He went on to earn his BF degree at Southern Illinois University where he perfected his technical skills and learned about the many different styles and traditions in blown glass. He has also had the opportunity to study overseas at Abate Zanetti in Murano, Italy. After school he worked several different jobs in glass living in several different states while doing so. He has since settled in Asheville, NC. where his personal work has really been able to grow.

IMG_1937Joseph creates his masterpieces in the river arts district of Asheville, working mainly out of the Asheville Glass Center, where he also teaches classes in the molten material. Today using Asheville as a jumping off point he travels all around the east coast and midwest sharing his creations at fine art fairs. He hopes the future growth of Scorpio Glass will allow him to continue his discovery of the molten material. And in the end be able to share these discoveries with the world over….